College Financial Planning

How Can You Pay for Your Kid to go to College, Spend and Save as You Are Now, and Increase the Amount of Money You have for Retirement?

It sounds too good to be true. And it is too good to be true… unless you know the ins and outs of the college funding system and you pick up a few tips from us on how to navigate the college planning world.

In partnering with our team, you and your family have access to College Aid Pro™, America’s #1 college planning software. We believe that you deserve the best – and that means being able to proactively plan for the ongoing cost of college as you send your soon-to-be graduates to the institution of their choice.

When you use College Aid Pro™ with our team, you will gain clarity in:


Net-Cost Comparison of 2,400 + Schools

Find schools that will give you the most free money and smart-search for the best-fit schools for your college-bound student.


Expected Family Contribution Calculations

The College Aid Pro™ tool helps you understand what each college thinks you can afford,otherwise known as your expected family contribution.


Custom Reports

Your customized reports make it easy to understand financial aid provided, the out of pocket cost to attend, and your funding gap as compared to your College Pre-Approval™ budget.


College Snapshot

You will understand where you can get in and how generous each school is with financial aid.


Data Tracking

Struggling to keep track of your various school and financial aid applications? The College AidPro™ tool can easily track the status of your applications and manage deadlines.


Save on the Cost of College

The cost of college has a colossal impact on your high school student and on you as theirparents and the future generations of your family. Our team believes that, through leveraging College Aid Pro™, you’ll be able to save on the cost of college and make an empowered financial decision that will positively impact your college bound student and your family for decades to come.

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